Art T. Valdez

Chairman of the Board

  • Independent Director, Energy Development Corporation
  • Undersecretary DOTC; 10 Years (Longest, that extended to administration of three Presidents)
  • Special Envoy of the President to the Middle East for Trade & Investment
  • Expedition Leader of Mt. Everest Expedition Team
  • Expedition Leader of “The Voyage of Balangay”
  • Author of “Live the Dream” Book

Teddie E. Rivera

Chief Executive Officer

  • Bristol Myer Squibb, VP Marketing for 12 years
  • Country Manager Synthelabo for 5 years
  • Executive Vice Pres. PITC/DTI – Main pproponent of parallel Drug Importation
  • Resource person and contributor to New Medines Law R.A. 95-2 of 2008
  • PITC Pharma Inc. immediate past president (Key Gov’t agency on Botika ng Bayan “Community Drugstore” supply and outlet expansion program of 5,000 outlets)
  • Immediate Past Co Chairman BnBMPC with 150 members operation nationwide

Allan Jarlos


  • International Management Graduate – Stanford University
  • Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship – Asian Institute of Management, graduated with the highest honors (Superior Performance and 2 time Gurus Commendation)
  • Scholar of Management Program in Yokohama, Japan granted by the Association of Overseas tehnical Scholarship (AOTS) of Japan

Jess B. Cantos


  • 14 years Executive Lever Brothers Phils. Inc. (European company major player in Consumer Market with worldwide presence)
  • PITC PI Vice President Logostics & Supply Chain – June 2006 to 2008 (Implementing agency of “Half Price Medicine Program” of Philippine Government)
  • Head of Botika ng Bayan Retail Outlets expansion program PITC PI – February 2007 – June 2008 Medicine (Established 1,800 BnB nationwide)
  • Chairman Bids and Award Committee PITC PI (First to bring in the Philippines “Norvasc” after expiry patent in 2007)
  • Philippine Representative of Government Delegation to India (New Delhi and Mumbai) – March 2007 (Through the invitation of Indian Ambassador Mitter by Phamexcil India in support to export program on Indian Pharmaceutical manufacturers)

Arnold G. Limpin


More than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked with several multinational and local companies.


  • 4 years as District Manager
  • 4 years as Product Manger
  • 4 years as Group Product Manager
  • 2 years as Business Development Manager
  • 8 years as Sales and Marketing Director
  • Marketing Management graduate and a Certified Franchise Executive

Hector V. Sarmiento


More than 10 years experience in sales, marketing and franchise management.

  • Masters in Entreneurship Asian Institute of Management
  • Mini Maters in Franchise Management. Nova South Easthern University
  • Attended several management, marketin course in Switzerland, Singapore and HongKong
  • Strategic Marketing, Asian Institute of Management
  • Bachelors Degree in Electornics and Communications Engineerings

Donald R. Camaro


10 years of experience and expertise in project and process management, information and communications technology.

  • Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship, Asian Institute of Management
  • Diploma in Project Management, Ateneo de Manila, School of Graduate Studies
  • Scholar of Executive Program of Corporate Management under the Japanese Government Scholarship Program in Tokyo, Japan AOTS